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Nisanity definition: the most insane, intense, results focused women’s work out program to target the women’s fitness market, in decades. Nisa’ is the Arabic word for women and Nisanity, by team BBK (Body By Khoshal) is a program for women who are serious about fitness, their diets, and looking to transform their bodies while reaping all the health benefits that staying fit can bring.  Nationally recognized NABBA USA professional body builder, personal trainer, and nutrition specialist, Khoshal Azami has been working to perfect a workout program that includes a combination of strength training and a diet program for years. He is certified as CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) with the NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers).

The Nisanity concept has been in the making for over two years as Khoshal recognized the need for female trainers to serve conservative Muslim women or just women who preferred to work out in the privacy of women only environments. He has had the benefit of putting the Nisanity program to the test on his female trainers Sophia Hamid who is experienced fantastic results in minimal time.  There are several women only gyms and programs, but little to none offers the knowledge and expertise of an accomplished body builder and personal trainer. Being a trainer with over 12 years of experience, and having coached his trainer Sophia, Nisanity by team BBK has in depth experience in conducting structural and fitness assessments for every client that is part of the group.  The core training program will include circuit training, cardiovascular training, strength conditioning, boxing, self-defense, and post rehab facilitation techniques.  In addition one of the most important parts of a results oriented training program is nutrition counseling, the Nisanity program will offer one on one expert advice to form a nutrition program that will meet every clients individual goals.

The Nisanity program will be offered at a private gym, Lifestyle Fitness, owned and operated by Khoshal Azami conveniently located in Northbrook, IL.  Women will have all the privacy they require without sacrificing access to free weights and gym equipment necessary to getting the results they are looking for.  The facility boast over 5,000 sqft of workout space dedicated to women during Nisanity workout hours.  Secure lockers and shower are available for guests, along with private consultations rooms for one on one nutrition programs; an onsite female massage therapist is also available by advance appointment.

For those clients who want to experience Nisanity but live out of state and are looking for online support.  Contact Khoshal Azami directly by email or phone as part of the Nisanity workout program and nutritional guidance can also be offered online.

Come experience Nisanity and let your body experience results it’s never seen before!!

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